Amy Friedman authorAmy Friedman is a Los Angeles-based author, editor and writing teacher. After publishing her memoir Desperado’s Wife, the story of her marriage to a man she fell in love with and married while he was in prison, Amy turned her creative energy to founding and building the nonprofit POPS the Club with her husband, Dennis Danziger to provide support for teens impacted by incarceration. She currently works with The Pathfinder Club in Portland and Los Angeles and as publisher of Out of the Woods Press, curates and edits award-winning collections of prose and poetry created by individuals impacted by incarceration. 

Selected Books

Desperado's Wife: A Memoir

One Soufflé At a Time, with Anne Willan

The Spectacular Gift, illustrated by Jillian Gilliland

Tell Me A Story, Audiobook, with music by Laura Hall

Animal Magic, with Laura Hall

Women of Wonder, with Laura Hall

Kick the Dog and Shoot the Cat

Nothing Sacred: A Conversation with Feminism