Amy Friedman ESC 2017


 "Line by line, Amy Friedman is one of the most elegant and insightful writers I know. Her ability to dive into an experience and extract deeper meaning should be a model to writers everywhere." ~ Hope Edelman, author of The Possibility of Everything

"Amy has been a pleasure to work with. She picked up my "voice" very early on and has carried it with style and a great deal of hard work, adding excellent structure and planning to the book. She has become a very good friend, what better recommendation could there be!" ~ Anne Willan, founder, Ecole de Cuisine La Varenne

"Like an urban gardener, clearing off needles and broken bottles from rich soil, Amy Friedman finds the story behind the story.  As an editor, she has the rare ability to nurture, clarify, and enhance the creative process in others, without letting her experience drown out still burgeoning voices.  Amy is there from bud to blossom." ~ Lauren Marks, author, A Stitch of Time: Portrait of a Mind in Constructionand PEN USA Emerging Voices Fellow 2011

"Like the best editors and teachers, Amy's ability to understand both writing and people is astounding." ~ Linda Folsom, Disney imagineer

"It's rare to meet a teacher and editor like Amy. She is a caring, intelligent, witty teacher and editor who has guided me time and again.  She has improved my writing and continues to be a driving force in my career.  Amy gives insightful, rich feedback without ever making judgments,   She is constantly curious and passionate and I always feel inspired after working with her.  She helps you to dig deep, to stay honest and to be true to yourself.  If you have a chance to work with her - do yourself a favor and dive in head first!" ~  Shannon Noel, actor/writer

 "Amy Friedman -- as an instructor and as an individual -- is that rare combination of talent and temperance.  She has a good ear and great eye for what rings true in a person and in their storytelling.  Amy's ability to coach a writer into greater realization of his or her work's vision is uncanny.  She is an experience I will never forget, one that I've continued to count on over the years." ~ Susan O'Meara, writer, Kenya

Amy has magical powers. She sees around the corners and through the walls of a story and unearths something you haven't yet seen or known. And no matter how often I've seen her do it, I'm amazed every time. ~ Melissa Roth, writer, New York City